The company was established on Oct. 31, 1989. In the initial stage, we mainly produced ball plunger valves and cocks. We developed in succession brass adapters, forging elbows, and pneumatic and hydraulic machine parts, such as: fast adapters, labor-saving adapters, and spray parts, and developed the relevant materials such as iron, stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, and plastics. In 2000, to promote the quality and lower the cost, we introduced the vertical triple spindle disc machining center, the horizontal synchronization-mode triple spindle and seven spindle machining centers, the teaching style electronic control lathe, and CNC automatic loading lathe. Up to now, we have manufactured parts and components of hundreds of varieties and thousands of specifications, and the specifications in stock are more than one thousands kinds. Each year, we make and sell tens of million parts to each corner of the world, including Taiwan. We dare not say that our products are the best, but we can say that regarding the price, quality, service, and delivery, our products are the most reasonable and practical.

To look into the future, our company will keep researching and developing new products, enhance and promote the quality’s diversification, and integrate vertically. Moreover, we will introduce more advanced machinery, reduce the cost, be mutual beneficial and prosperous with the clients and factories, and face the challenge of internationalization.