Our company, FWU YIH Brass Enterprise Co., Ltd., initially focused on manufacturing mainly ball valves, gate valves, horizontal check valves, and globe valves. We have subsequently expanded our product range to copper joints, forged elbows, and various components for pneumatic and hydraulic machinery, such as PU joints, trumpet-shaped joints, copper pipe joints, lubrication pipe joints, quick connectors, labor-saving connectors, high-pressure cleaning machine parts, manualelectric spray parts, spray guns, nozzles, RO reverse osmosis drinking water machine parts, automotive repair accessories, peripheral parts, and electronic components. We have also extended our production toother materials such as iron, cast iron, zinc, aluminum, and plastic.

Since 2001, we have introduced vertical three-axis rotary disk machining, synchronous three-axis horizontal machining, seven-axis ball valve machining, teaching-type electronic control lathes, CNC automatic feed lathes, and various other machining equipment to improve quality and reduce costs. In 2007, we established the forging department which isresponsible for completing integrated operations. To date, we have manufactured hundreds of types and thousands of component specifications, with an inventory of thousands of different components. We annually produce and sell tens of millions of components domestically and worldwide. While we do not claim to have the best products, we are confident that our products are the most reasonable and practical in terms of price, quality, service, and delivery.

In 2008, the company implemented the ISO-9001 management system and achieved automated production for integrated operations. We continuously strive to research and develop new products, enhance quality, diversify our product range, maintain integrated operations, and computerize sales and warehouse management. We will also introduce more advanced machinery to lower costs and achieve mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and partnersto meet the challenges of internationalization.


In 2023, the Ministry of Economic Affairs approved the expansion plan for FWU YIH Brass Enterprise Co., Ltd. The new project involves expanding the factory from the main plant to five plants, including the headquarters (Lukang, Changhua) as the shipping management center, the second plant for heavy machinery and precision forging, the third plant for automation machinery, CNC, and comprehensive machining, the Gee Yih plant for special machinery, custom machinery processing and automatic lathes, and the mainland plant for the manufacture of pneumatic and hydraulic machinery metal components. Each plant specializes in different tasks to maximize production efficiency. In addition, the entire factory area is transforming into an environmentally friendly, green,energy-efficient, and green belt isolated garden-style factory, covering a total area of over 6,000 square meters.